August 30, 2017

Want to change politics AND change government in Manitoba?


You + 2 friends have the power to help change politics and change government in Manitoba.

#OurNewWay is about building a new Manitoba Liberal Party from the ground up: a party that is practical, and progressive. A political party with ideas and leadership you can feel good voting for. A party that is committed to governing for everyone - not just a few.

We know this is a challenge, but we won’t take anyone or anything for granted. We’re not asking you to join a party - we’re asking you to be a part of building a movement.

Watch the video and learn how easy it is for You + 2 friends to get involved!

Be part of it. Buy your membership at before September 20 and vote Dougald Lamont for Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party.

Want to change poilitics AND change government in Manitoba?
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