August 21, 2017

Statement by Dougald Lamont, Contestant for Manitoba Liberal Leader.

Winnipeg, MB - There have been a number of stories in the news about the fact that the Manitoba Liberal Party is charging a small fee for its debates and a $15 fee for members to attend and vote at the leadership convention on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

I was surprised that the Lamoureux campaign only learned of the rules last week, as they were set back in January.

I was further surprised and disappointed from statements by Kevin Lamoureux on this topic in the Winnipeg Free Press on Sunday, August 20, when he told the paper he was not interested in talking about convention fees and that “We abide by what the party rules are. Different people may react in a different way.”

The average reader’s takeaway might be that Kevin is not interested in changing the rules at all - but that is simply not the case.

Behind the scenes, Kevin has been directly lobbying other leadership contestants and applying significant pressure on the party in an effort to change the rules and influence the Leadership Contest.

I am disappointed in Kevin - it’s not the kind of behavior you want to see from a political veteran, much less the federal Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North and Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader for the Liberal Party of Canada.

What’s most disappointing is not that Kevin is saying one thing in public and another in private, but that this is the example he is setting for his daughter, a MLA and a leadership contestant. I'm a parent, and we know children learn by example.

This is the kind of old-school backroom politics #OurNewWay wants to overcome so we can build, from the ground up, a new Manitoba Liberal Party that Manitobans can believe in.

We can only deliver change by proving that we are going to be different, and rebuild trust by earning it.

The stakes in this race are higher than a handful of seats for the Manitoba Liberal Party. We want to change politics - and the party - to prove that we can be trusted with government in this province.

- Dougald



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Statement by Dougald Lamont, Contestant for Manitoba Liberal Leader
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