Video: Expectations for the Manitoba Liberal Party

October 8, 2017


SCRIPT - I have worked on a lot of elections. Win or lose none were easy. 


Shoestring budgets and a few were held together with bailing wire and twine but I’ve helped elect a lot of liberals and help save a few seats too.


Our challenge in 2020 is clear: going toe-to-toe with the PCs and the NDP and winning. 


But to win we need change our expectations. To expect more than a handful of seats, holding the balance of power, or even official party status. We should expect to form government.


Do we need committees to fundraise, get candidates, and develop policy? Yes.


That’s what political parties do. But promising to do this is like promising to put your pants on in the morning. It’s the bare minimum of what we should expect.


We can’t ask 57 people to put their names out there as candidates only to get 3 or 4 of them elected. We should expect to elect many, many more.


The REAL question is what are we going to do differently this time? 


Because doing the bare minimum, planning to plan, or the same old, same old – won’t cut it again. 

We have to show that we are ready to govern. That we stand for something - and are willing to defend it in debate


I’m running for leader because the same old politics are failing Manitobans and Manitoba. The other two parties have lost their way and we need to make it clear to Manitobans - you don’t have to hold your nose and vote for one of them - because we’re ready to govern. 


Manitobans should expect more and so should you.


I’m not doing this on my own. There is a great team with me and more are joining Our New Way every day.


We’ve put forward ideas on grassroots job creation, reforming health care and having an economy that works for everyone. 


On October 21st vote for me and together we’ll build a Manitoba Liberal Party that will govern in 2020. 


Our New way. Be part of it.

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