Lamont - Public transit needs to be affordable, accessible and the Provincial government should have a substantial role in making sure this is achieved.

July 3, 2018

Saint-Boniface - To the members of ATU 1505:


Thank you for your questions. The Manitoba Liberal Party is a strong advocate of public transit and is happy to show our support for passengers and your membership.


We understand that access to public transportation is critical to the lives of Manitobans.


Students, workers, seniors, and people with disabilities all depend on public transit for their daily well being.


Access to affordable public transit makes it easier for people to get to school to upgrade skills, to work to earn a living, or to see their doctor to stay healthy.


We also understand that the Pallister government has made decisions which negatively affect Manitobans ability to access affordable public transit.


In February, we made a submission to the Minister of Finance for the 2018 budget, in which we set out a series of suggestions.


At that time, we made it clear to the Pallister government that public transit must be affordable, accessible and that the Provincial government should have a substantial role to play in making sure this is achieved.

Our Commitments

Increased, sustainable and transparent funding for public transit


We are committed to:

-     A sustainable and transparent funding agreement between the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg

-     Funding increases tied to measurable service goals, including lower fares, increased service on existing routes and the addition of new routes servicing in need areas



Investing in Public Transit


We are committed to:

- Partnering with the City of Winnipeg and the Federal Government to invest in the expansion of rapid transit throughout Winnipeg.

- In-depth community consultations about the design of future rapid transit expansion.

- Investing a portion of the carbon tax revenues back into public transit infrastructure, including the purchase electric buses



Rail Relocation / Vacant Line Conversion


While our long-term goal is to move the rail lines out of Winnipeg. In the short term we are committed to:

- Funding a report on the costs and benefits of rail relocation to deal with the long-standing safety issues related to freight rail in St. Boniface and Winnipeg as a whole

- Funding a report on converting vacated rail lines to public transit right away including bus rapid transit or light rail





Ultimately, no issue is more important than the safety of passengers and drivers. Buses are workplaces, and we want to make sure that people coming to work in Manitoba are safe from harm.


We are committed to:

- Working with ATU 1505 and the City and to provide the needed resources to ensure our buses are safe to work and ride in


Dougald Lamont


Candidate for St. Boniface


Leader, Manitoba Liberal Party

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